Kohls Concrete PourWe specialize in testing and analysis of the properties and performance behavior of soils and mechanical, hydraulic and physical testing of all forms of materials used in the construction and development industries. Our engineers and technicians respond to your needs in the areas of soils, concrete and hot mix asphaltic concrete (HMAC), steel, masonry and material compatibility issues, and they will apply their knowledge of regional geology and construction materials and processes to help you select appropriate materials and methods to complete your project.

Our engineers can also provide the following testing and inspections:

Nondestructive testing including impact echo, ultrasonic, and ground penetrating radar.
Laboratory, field load and bond tests.
Observations and review of reinforcing steel in concrete structures to evaluate constructability and
    compliance with project plans and specifications.
Nondestructive reinforcing steel and post tension strand locating.
Review and recommendations for concrete mix designs.
Welded and high strength bolted structural connections to evaluate compliance with project plans
    and specifications.
Failure evaluation and expert witness.

Our staff is trained regularly on the latest and most cost-effective techniques. Our engineers and technicianspkohls002 work closely with owners, developers, architects, and contractors to ensure a successful completion to a quality project. Carrillo & Associates, Inc. (CAI) laboratory is a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) validated laboratory inspected and approved by the Texas Department of Health for Radioactive Use of Portable Nuclear Gauges.

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Certified WBE, SBE, DBE, HUB, US Army Corps of  Engineers Validated Laboratory